The Technology team is creating the future of low-carbon energy. It’s not all code and numbers though. This lot are pretty inventive too...

“We’re putting the latest tech to work, to build the energy system of the future. We want a system that has OVO members at the centre. One that’s completely secure. Created around people – their lives, their homes, and their needs.”

Suss out the interview process

Not only is our interview process fair and consistent, it’s enjoyable too. No matter which brand you’re applying under, all our tech candidates will be interviewed in the same way, like so:

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Stage 1

Call with our

Recruitment Team

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Stage 2

Technical phone interview

with a Software

Engineering manager

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Stage 3

A 3-part onsite interview:

Pair Programming

Whiteboard Systems Design

Interview with hiring managers and HR

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Stage 4

Decision time

(And feedback)